This is a comic I made a while ago. I have yet to find a way to post the old archives in a way that doesn’t interfere with my current comic, so here’s an offline version to download.

As the titles on the covers are different from the actual chapter titles, here’s a list:

  1. The Legend Begins
  2. Ambiguous Villainy
  3. A Real Fight
  4. Superhero Team
  5. JANUS
  6. End of the Beginning
  7. Friends and Enemies
  8. Invasion Part 2
  9. Open Secrets
  10. Road to Nowhere (variant cover included)
  11. Missing the Calm Before the Storm
    1. Rising Tension
    2. Beginning of the End
  12. Eternal Recurrence
  13. Twisted Familiarity
  14. Inevitable Revelation
  15. A Hero’s End
  16. Something Resembling An Epilogue

This file contains the original alt text, a bunch of rants by the thing in the pyramid about lore and the weirder aspects of the comic.